Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heatin' Up The Summer

1992 was the last year for the Knoxville team to be called the Knoxville Blue Jays. Before becoming the Blue Jays in 1980 they were the Knoxville Sox, starting in 1972, the AA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. They later became the Knoxville Smokies and are now the Tennessee Smokies.

I found this year book and ticket for a whopping 25¢. Yearbooks are always nice, because they give stats, photos and sometimes a bit of history. I hit the bonus on this one, for it had three signatures.

On page 37 they stand out against the scorecard and a Paramount U-li-ka cleaner ad.

First up is Garth Iorg. Garth was the manager in 1992. He spent nine seasons in the majors, all with Toronto.

Nigel Wilson. #30. Nigel was the #2 pick in the 1992 Expansion Draft. The Marlins kept him for a few years, then off to Cincy and then off to Cleveland.

Mike McAlpin was a scout and then a coach. Don't know what happened to him.

Maybe I should make my own cut auto cards.

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  1. Mike McAlpin moved from the St. Catharine's single-A Blue Jays on March 5, 1991,4722474

    He was named a coach again in November of 1993 but I can't locate him after that.

    By the way, you're famous, with a 1% heat score (and a full lift of this blog entry, including pix At least they link to you (from your author page).