Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McDonald's 1993 Gameday Collector Cards

I was at the card show last month. I had picked up my Earl Wilson cards and was wandering around, looking at the cool things that vendors had (many 1960's entertainment cards, tons of toys and games) and looking at my watch, knowing that I had to beat it home for my wife's cousin's wedding.

One dealer had boxes and boxes of sports magazines, game programs and photos. A buck each. I didn't find any magazines that I had to have, but I did find this unpunched set of McDonald's football cards.

I don't remember these cards being issued. Individual cards measure 2-1/2" x about 4-3/4". They were produced by Fleer. Looking around on the ebay it appears that there were also sets (3 sheets of 6 cards) for all 28 teams and an All-Stars set. I've got the All-Stars.

Not bad for a dollar.


  1. those are AMAZING!!!! I love the looks of those. A freakin' dollar? Sometimes, it's rough living where I live...........

    although I did pick up the '86 McDonalds NFL set off of sportlots a couple weeks back.

  2. I have the Marino one in my player collection. If I remember right you had to buy them for a couple dollars per page with the purchase of a meal. (I should remember how much, I was in high school working there at the time) You picked up the whole set for less than the original cost of one page.

  3. I came across this blog while searching info on these cards. I have Sheet's A,B & C, I have 2 of the B sheets. if anyone is interested in them. please email me

  4. How much do you think a whole set would go for.

  5. i have all of them and wanting to sell them if anyone wants to buy them please email me at i have had them from the time i got them from McDonald