Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So, I'm getting ready for the semiannual card show here in Knoxvegas. I've contacted two of the sellers I met in March, but haven't heard back from them.

To prepare, I'm trying to get organized. That means dusting off my jeweler's loupe, printing out my want lists and thinking of exactly what I want to buy.

To do that, I need to find my jeweler's loupe (found it), update my want lists and then get creative.

There are only a few items that I think I can get at this show. It is rather small and I'm not going to have a lot of time. My wife's cousin is getting married right after lunch and my son is an usher. So, I have to be there when the doors open at 9am and leave no later than 11am. Two hours for a small show? Yes. But I have a tendency to spend way too much time talking to dealers or looking through boxes of cheap stuff.

I'm going to focus on finishing off my Earl Wilson Topps regular issue set. I'm missing 1964 and 1966. I don't think that I'll find any of the Venezuelan issues there. I'll also look for some Hall of Fame relic or auto cards. Cheap ones. And some Carl Erskine cards.

I was having an email conversation with another blogger and he suggested that I have a Top Ten list of Target Cards. "It's kind of like letting people know you're looking for a job; friends seem extra-ready to keep an eye out for you."

My Target Cards:
  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter, Millito Navarro (#112) base
  • any Willie Stargell Relic or Auto card (bat preferred)
  • 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Blue
  • 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Black
  • 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Red
  • 1964 Topps Earl Wilson (#503)
  • 1966 Topps Earl Wilson (#575)
  • 2004 Donruss Elite Extra, Draft Class, Don Mattingly, Orel Hershiser (#DC-10)
I started to think about what I wanted. Sure, I'd like lots of old stuff, but I'm trying to be reasonable and focused. I'm still adding my Hershiser cards to Zistle, but I'm not going to finish that up by Saturday.

As I go through and organize what I have, I realize that I need to get some toploaders and some screwdowns cases. I'm good on penny sleeves. I also realize that I need to get organized. I'm getting better, but I have a ways to go.

Then, I need to spend some time with what I'm collecting. If I don't look through the binder, through the toploaders and screwdowns, why am I collecting? I need to enjoy what I have, not always looking for a way to get more.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more on the appreciating what you have comment. It's really hard to not just think about getting more.

    It'd be cool to line your walls with Ultra Pro binder sheets, and have your collection on display at all times.

  2. I have a card show to go to this weekend, too. I'm really going to have to bargain hunt with this one.

    Heh, word verification: "buyers"

  3. Good luck.

    There are some dealers around here that don't like it when you pull out a loupe but oh well.