Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seymour comes to Seymour

One day last week I got a package in the mail. It was from Adam of Thoughts and Sox. He was the most recent caretaker of the T206 Cy Seymour that has been floating around the blogosphere. (See Carl Crawford Cards' post that set this in motion.)

He also included a T206 of Red Ames (hands at chest pose). Adam is claiming that this is a fake and sent it along for comparison. I agree with him, but I'm trying to put together a post as to why I think it is a forgery. That includes better scans, and a bit of research, then actually putting it down on the blog. Seeing my track record for blogging this month, don't look for it tonight.

Adam also included a 1960 Earl Wilson Rookie Card. I've got this one already, but it is slabbed in a bit of graded plastic. No, the plastic isn't graded, the card is. Now I've got one to put in the binder. Yippee!

And, since no one saw their way fit to send me any of the graft or bribes I was asking for during the Gint-A-Cuffs fiasco, Adam shared with me a coupon for "any breakfast sandwich" from McDonalds. Finally I can eat.

Thank you, Adam. His in-laws live not too far from me, so we might have a blogger meet and greet next month.

The title of the post? I actually live in a town called Seymour, even though I tell people that I live in Knoxvegas. I sound cooler that way. Now I am cooler since I have Cy to keep me company.


  1. If you see fit to commish G-a-C next year, I'm going to see fit to bribe. Now that I have a better idea of where to find you and where to send the bribes.

  2. Awesome to see CY is making the rounds!

  3. I'm glad you could use the Wilson card. Good luck zooming your scanner in enough to tell it is a fake. I hope you have a good breakfast and look forward to seeing you next month.