Monday, October 19, 2009

Card Show stuff

I went to the card show on Saturday morning. I had my loupe, my lists, cash and a mission. The mission was to leave the show at 10:45am. Wedding in the early afternoon. My wife was the piano player and my son was a groomsman.

Same venue as the show in March. I took a quick survey and ignored the toy and game vendors. The sports card guys (and gals) were friendly, but since I got there right as it opened, I beat some of the vendors to their tables. One of the last vendors I went to was Uncle Dick. I picked up my two remaining Earl Wilson regular issue cards. I count regular issue as cards made while the player is actually playing (or managing as the case may be).

1964 Topps, Earl Wilson (card # 503)

1966 Topps, Earl Wilson (card # 575)

The 1964 was $1.50. The 1966 was $2.50. Well, it was $3.50, but I asked Uncle Dick if he'd take $4 for the pair. He said yes.

The next three came from a dime box collection. I pulled 30 cards from there to sweeten up some trade deals and to expand my dad's Randy Johnson collection. I'm not quite sure if he's only collecting Randy Johnson during the Arizona years or not. That's what I pulled, though.

1994 Ted Williams Locklear Collection, Josh Gibson (card # LC14)

It is Josh Gibson. What more is there to say?

2003 Playoff Portraits, Curt Schilling (card #7)

The surface of the Schilling is raised, like an oil painting. It doesn't translate at all in the scan, but it is rather nice.

1992 Rembrandt Ultra-Pro Promo, Jose Canseco (card # P19)

No, I'm not a big fan of Jose, but you can't really go wrong with this one. Look at the hair. He'd be a good gubernatorial candidate in Illinois. And it is like I got 10 cards for the price of one.

I completed my mission. Out the door at 10:45am. The wedding was nice, thanks for asking.

Oh, I purchased some more cards, but the pillow is now calling for my head. Perhaps I'll show some later tonight.


  1. dude,
    i have a bunch of randy johnson that i would love to send your way!! xfractor,game used cards i think i have two,refractors.... all kinds of randys!

  2. Would you be willing to part with the Canseco Ultra Pro? He's holding a tiny Rickey, so I've just got to have it, lol! I'm sure I can find something for you in return.