Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rod Carew Bat Card

Here's another one of those Hall of Fame Relic cards that I collect on the cheap. I picked it in an ebay auction in July for $2.26. I also won some other auctions from the same seller so the shipping was quite low.

2003 Topps Finest Rod Carew Bat
(card # FRB-RC)

Rod Carew had a 19 season career with two American League teams, the Twins and the Angels. He started off playing second base in 1967, but eventually moved to first base in 1976. He played around the infield, touched the outfield and was occasionally a designated hitter.

He started with a Rookie of the Year award and was selected as an All-Star the first 18 years that he played. In 1977 he was the AL MVP and the MLB Player of the Year.

He had a lifetime .328 Batting Average and hit .388 in 1977.

Good player, good card.

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