Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In the April 1991 issue of SCD's Baseball Card Price Guide there is an ad for TheJUDGE.

I'd never seen one, nor does a quick Google search provide much.  But, a more thorough Google search does.

Hopping over to Google Patents, I found this Card Gage.  Now you can know all the details about TheJUDGE.

According to their ad, TheJudge will help me find the best cards.  Some sort of device like a metal detector?  How does it know which cards are "the best"?

Maybe if I had just purchased TheJudge in 100 card lots 18 years ago, I could sell them now for a nice profit and sit back and enjoy my twilight years.  No, not the books and the movies.  I mean I'm getting old.

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