Thursday, May 21, 2009

Personal Sports Card

This is my son, Edison.

He was starting center for the middle school team.  And starting linebacker.  And played on special teams.  I think that they went 1-5 for the season.

Tonight he graduated from the 8th grade.

He was the salutatorian of his class.  He won the school spelling bee.  He was a member of the Scholastic Bowl team.  They won the big tournament.  He received many individual class awards for excellence.  He was awarded the Lionheart award for Christlikeness.  

He likes sports.  He's a card.

I'm very proud of him.


  1. Congratulations to Edison for a job well done ! And it seems you're doing a good job as a parent also.

  2. Couldn't have happened to a nicer young fellow - or his Dad - or Mom - or sister! Congratulations to all of you - it's been a team approach.

  3. A great kid reflecting a great Dad & Mom! Thanks for sharing the photos!!!

  4. Congratulations to Edison and the Aubrey family ! A sons (childs) accomplishments are usually very reflective of ones parents and entire family. Keep up the great work Edison, continue to make your fmaily proud. Have a great summer before high school! Congrats on everything !

  5. Edison is impressive to say the least.

    Go Edison!

    Go Lions!

  6. Mark, you've got a lot to be proud of. It's great to be recognized for athletic and academic accomplishments that can be measured. But to be recognized for Christlikeness is really an accomplishment. Where your athletic and academic accomplishments are out there for everyone to see, Edison is probably judged on Christlikeness at the times when he doesn't realize anyone's paying attention.

  7. amen... to be recognized for christlikeness... what more can we ask for as parents... cool beans that kid of yours

  8. Angie sent me over... He's growing fast. Enjoy these days!

  9. Dude - you rock!

    Other dude - you rock, too!

    (I'll let them fight it out over who got the first dude mention)

    Seriously, congrats to both.

  10. Congrats! Both to Edison and to you and Angie for raising such a fine young man.