Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random cards

Knowing that I hadn't posted anything today I was scratching my head as far as what to share, which reminded me of the 1981 Topps Scratchoffs. The cards were to be played as a game of baseball. They were sold, with bubble gum, three cards to a panel. National League cards were green, American League were red. 108 different players but 144 possible panel combinations. Years and years ago I started a small Dale Murphy collection to have to trade with a Murphy collector. We never traded and now I've got some oddball stuff hanging around. Dale Murphy was one of the premier outfielders of the 1980s. He was a seven time All-Star, winning the Golden Glove five years stratight (1982-1986). He was also the National League MVP two years in a row (1982 and 1983). This is a 1981 Topps Scratchoffs Dale Murphy (card #72).

Here's a card that I forgot that I had. I've got a binder that has some older cards in it. I guess I tried to get one card of each year for Topps. I had to look up some info on "Red" Kress. He started playing major league ball in 1927 with the St. Louis Browns. He played his final game in 1946 with the New York Giants, after a five year absence from playing baseball. He was coaching in the minor leagues. He then coached for the Cleveland Indians, the Los Angeles Angels and finished up coaching the New York Mets in 1962. He died in November of that same year.

This is a 1954 Topps Ralph "Red" Kress (card #160). Note the crown that the mascot is wearing.

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