Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cards in the North Country

While in Plattsburgh, NY, I stopped in a card store.  Ed & Mike's Cards and Collectibles.  
Ed and Mike are brothers.  I couldn't keep them straight.  They had some very nice older wax packs at a decent price.  Lots of hockey cards.  I asked about cards from the 1960s.  They had them at home, not in their shop.  So, I asked about Hershiser.  They didn't have cards sorted by name, but they printed out their Hershiser inventory via B*****t.  I took it, cross referenced it against Zistle.  They had 17 cards that were on my want list.  I dropped the list off the next day and asked if they could have them prepared by Saturday morning.  They did.  Prices were B*****t, but Hershisers are relatively cheap.  They put them in a hard snap case.

Ed and Mike will probably be closing shop in August of this year when their lease is up.  On to the internet.  Good service.  If you're in Plattsburgh, look them up.

I remember purchasing my first pack of cards at Zukes.  It was just down from the library at the State University.  My mom took classes in the early 1970s.  I'd hang out and do my homework while she did hers.
You know you're close to Canada when they have a neon Labatts beer sign in the window.  Time and circumstances didn't allow me to attend the Plattsburgh/Oswego hockey game.  And I saw a TV ad for McDonald's Hockey Star Helmets.  I dropped in to the local McD's and didn't see them.  Maybe they're just available in Canada.

Things are different when you return to your home town.  Not better, not worse.  Just different.

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