Monday, March 30, 2009

Card Show dealers of note

Last weekend I attended a card show in town. I met and spoke with three dealers that I want to share with you.

This is Mark Dill. He is the owner of Dill's Sports Cards, based out of Dandridge, TN. A county over from me. He had a very nice selection of 1950's and 1960's cards. I was only interested in the baseball. He might have had other sports. I really don't remember. Turns out that he works with a friend of mine at a school in my county. That friend bought my old house a year and a half ago. Small world. One thing that I really liked is that he had all of his cards sorted in binders by year. Prices were clearly marked by card. Example: $1 for all cards, except for high number. $2 for high number. Makes it pretty easy. When he asked me what I was collecting and I said, "Earl Wilson" he was able to comment on the player and guide me towards the correct binders. We talked about what he collects, the state of the hobby and the show. If you want to get in touch with him, he can be reached via: dillssports AT cs DOT com .   Edit: The email I just sent Mark bounced.  I'll contact him via phone and see if he has another one.

This is William D. Campbell, Jr., CEO of Pinespursports. They specialize in Autographed Sports Memorabilia. He's holding up an Andre Thomas game used jersey. Among other things he had a very fun offering of Travel Reports and Spring Training Reports from 1976 and 1978. William was generous with his time and stories.  Edit: The Andre Thomas jersey is to William's right.  He is holding up a coach's jersey from a Brave's OldTimer's game.  Jersey number 16.

Jed Drinkwine is the owner of Jed Drinkwine's Vintage Cards. Jed is holding an autograph of Babe Ruth from an autograph book. The page is fully intact with a photo of Babe. The signature is the largest that I've ever seen of Babe. Bold and crisp. Jed also had some great singles from the late 1950's through the 1970's that he was selling for $1. Buy more than 10, get a better deal. I pulled about eight of them aside, hockey, baseball, football, but I returned them to the box as I was trying to stay in my assigned budget.

Jed also had a very nice collection of T3 Turkey Reds. Not the ones that Topps calls Turkey Reds with current players, but the ones from about 100 years ago. I fell in love with them and will share some photos and my thoughts on them in another post.

All three dealers were kind enough to let me take the photos and spend some time with them. I learned some, saw some things that I probably won't see again and look forward to doing some business in the future.


  1. Love reports, photos and prices from shows!

  2. I love it when card dealers post their prices. I am wary and usually stay away from dealers that don't post prices, because I know what that means.

    I get to have a card show at my local mall at the end of April. I'm saving my mileage checks to see if I can finish up either my 1972 or 1964 set.

  3. That's very interesting. My favorite card show dealer also has his cards separated into binders by year. He's the first guy I stop to see and the person I spend the most time with.

    I'm trying to envision taking photos of dealers I buy from at the next show I go to. I don't see myself doing it. I feel like I'll lose focus on what I'm doing. Which makes it all the more cool that you did this.