Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day

Earlier this year the Tennessee Smokies held their annual salute to Military Veterans.  There were many pregame ceremonies.  Gold Star Mothers and Families were recognized and players presented them with flowers and hugs.

A group was selected to appear on set of cards.  Veterans spanned World War II through the current conflicts.

A card set was made and handed out to the fans.  These are just a sample of the 30 or so cards in the set.
Curtis L. Conway, Sr.
card # 22

Austin Michael McGregor.
card # 14

Brandi McGehee
card # 11

Joel Connell
card # 08

Joel is a friend of mine and I was very honored to have submitted his name for inclusion in this set.

He's an active motorcyclist and rides frequently supports vets and other worthy causes.  That day he brought one of the Gold Star Mothers to the field.  Because he was involved with introductions he didn't leave at the same time as the other riders, so he got to disrupt the bullpen activities.

Thank you, Joel, and all of our Veterans, for your service to our country.

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