Monday, October 3, 2016

The 2016 "Why is he still posting?" contest

I had a bit of time and a bit of jingle in my pocket on Saturday.  I stopped by one of my local card shops to take a look-see.  The owner, Bill, was kind as always, but was nudging me toward things he wanted to unload.  Jerseys?  Nope.  Junk wax era Bowman sets?  Nope.  More jerseys?  More nope.  Football?  Nope.  A stack of beat up vintage cards?  Huh?  Yep.

I picked up about 40 cards in ragged condition for a bit more than I would have spent in the dime box, but not as much as I would have spent in the 15¢ box.

So, I'd like to share some of my good fortune with you.  Contest time.  The winner takes away these six fabulous cards.  As pictured.
1962 Topps
Mel McGaha - card # 242

1964 Topps
Lou Brock - card # 29

1967 Topps
Hank Fischer - card # 342

1967 Topps
Angels Rookie Stars - card # 367

1969 Topps
Steve Hamilton - card # 69

1971 Topps
Gil Garrido - card # 173

So how does one enter? I could ask that you submit your World Series predictions, with total number of ejections for the Series, but that seems like a long time to wait for a winner to be chosen. Doesn't the Series end around Thanksgiving this year?

I could ask that you pick your favorite post that I wrote this year, but that would limit it to about a dozen different choices.

Maybe I could ask you to write an essay as to why you think I still blog.  Too much work on both of our parts.

Okay.  We'll make this a random selection.  Comment with one of the three options above (WS winner prediction - ejections not required, your favorite post of mine this year, or why you think I still blog).  You must comment, but your answers don't sway the randomizer.

All good contests have a deadline to enter.  This one should, too.  Let's call it 8pm, Eastern, on Thursday, October 6th.  The AL Division Series should start.

More rules.  Sharing this post doesn't get you any more slots in the randomizer.  Comment as many times as you'd like.  One slot per blogger/reader.  After the contest is closed I'll put all the names in the randomizer and click it as many times as I darn well feel like it.  The winner will be announced later.  The cards will be sent out via USPS, probably in a PWE.  Really, what more could happen to them?

Thanks to my loyal followers who feverishly refresh the page hoping for some of the best card blog writing to come out of the greater KnoxVegas area.  By that I mean that it probably in the top 10 card blogs in Sevier county, Tennessee.

Now, go comment and make me feel good.


  1. The vintage Brock has me wanting to toss my hat in this ring - condition,smondition. I'm a total team homer, so I'm going to predict that Cubs to finally put it all together this year and take the World Series. Also, just for the record, my favorite post of yours in 2016 was definitely the one about the super-vintage cricket set - that's just not something you see every day!

  2. Thanks for the contest Mark! As for the World Series winner I'm going to pick the Red Sox because the world is a cruel dark place.

  3. The curse ends, Cubs in 6 over the Rangers. Zero ejections during the series.
    Thank you for the contest Mark!

  4. I think you still blog because you enjoy doing it. (That's why I do it) if course my tablet tried to autocorrect doing to cooking so maybe you just enjoy cooking cards?

  5. I feel the Cubs will win the world series over the Blue Jays.
    On a side note, why do so many vintage cards have hand written pen names of different teams on them? Was that popular for sports card fans to do that when these players got traded? I see that a lot in vintage!

  6. Cubs over Indians. And you blog because apparently you have multiple local card shops nearby.

  7. I think I'm going for the Cubs, though of course no one will be surprised if they choke again.
    Thanks for the contest!.. could use the Brock for my '64 setbuild.

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