Friday, December 27, 2013

Topps Type Collection - Time To Pull The Trigger

A bit of Christmas green came my way, so I decided to pull the trigger and finish up my Topps Type Collection.  I know that may disappoint some of you who were wanting to send me something to help me complete it.  There will be other opportunities, my friends.

I visited Check Out My Cards and plunked down some of that cash.  Amazing what one can buy for less than the cost of a blaster.  You might be scratching your head on why I selected some of them.  Mark McGwire?  Sammy Sosa?  I remember having my son come to the television in the fall of 1998 to watch their at bats.  He was just four and I don't know if he recalls it, but it is something that I remember.  I realize now that they were flawed men, but at the time it was exciting.  I'm not here to debate them, or other players.  These are the cards I'm adding to my TTC because I think that it accurately reflected the times.

Don Bollweg?  I met Don back in 1989.  He was living in Carol Stream, IL, with his wife.  They were involved with some apartments and I was involved with doing some disaster recovery for a cleaning company.  I didn't fully realize who he was at the time.  But a very nice man.

1951 Topps Red Backs #10 - Mel Parnell - Courtesy of
1951 Topps Red Backs
Mel Parnell (card # 10)
cost: $2.85
1952 Topps #128 - Don Bollweg RC (Rookie Card) [Poor to Fair] - Courtesy of
1952 Topps
Don Bollweg (card # 128 )
cost: $4.25
1955 Topps #23 - Jack Parks RC (Rookie Card) [Good to VG‑EX] - Courtesy of
1955 Topps
Jack Parks (card # 23)
cost: $0.91
1957 Topps #93 - Hal Jeffcoat [Good to VG‑EX] - Courtesy of
1957 Topps
Hal Jeffcoat (card # 93)
cost: $0.79
1958 Topps #251 - Warren Hacker [Good to VG‑EX] - Courtesy of
1958 Topps
Warren Hacker (card # 251)
cost: $0.71
1960 Topps #392 - Tex Clevenger [Poor to Fair] - Courtesy of
1960 Topps
Tex Clevenger (card # 392)
cost: $0.45
1994 Topps #137 - Steve Avery - Courtesy of
1994 Topps
Steve Avery (card # 137)
cost: $0.39
1996 Topps #368 - Dennis Eckersley - Courtesy of
1996 Topps
Dennis Eckersley (card # 368)
cost: $0.41
1998 Topps #325 - Mark McGwire - Courtesy of
1998 Topps
Mark McGwire (card # 325)
cost: $0.46
2000 Topps #50 - Sammy Sosa - Courtesy of
2000 Topps
Sammy Sosa (card # 50)
cost: $0.75
Hopefully the cards will arrive next week and I'll be able to close out this little experiment. I ordered a few more cards to round out some of my other collecting interests.  I'll be showing them after they arrive.

Now, to find some pages that will hold the cards from the 1950s.  2-5/8" x 3-3/4" fit very snugly in standard pages.  I looked at the Ultra-Pro website and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.  Any suggestions?


  1. UltraPro makes pages specifically for '50s cards. I don't know the exact measurements but the page pockets on mine are about 2 7/8 x 4.

    Sorry I didn't get my package out to you in time. It's still sitting here.

  2. For the old cards that are slightly bigger i use 8 Pocket pages. They are horizontal but they work well.

  3. Greg & Brad - I stopped by one of my local card shops and they didn't have any of the 8 pocket pages. I know what you mean. I might have one in my Hershiser binder for oddball sized cards. I think I'll rob it until I can get to my other LCS. Thanks.