Thursday, July 19, 2012

Knoxville Smokies Cards

These two cards of Smokies players came from the baseball brick.  There was a bit of 'stickiness' to the cards, almost like high humidity had fused the cards together.  I'm guessing that the flecks of white on Alex's jersey are on the back side of some junk wax card.  I received two of the Alex cards.  I'll have to see if the other one is cleaner.

1993 Fleer Excel All-Stars
Alex Gonzalez (card # 5)

1993 Classic Best
Shawn Green (card # 72)

I have seen the Shawn Green card listed as an Uncorrected Error - Photo. Comparing it to the 1993 Fleer Procard of Shawn Green, I can see a bit of difference. Now the question is, who is pictured on the Classic Best card?

1993 Knoxville Smokies Fleer/ProCards #1262 - Shawn Green - Courtesy of

See, I've resisted posting any racing cards for a while.  Soon enough, though.


  1. That's not Alex Gonzalez on the Shawn Green card, too? Similar rounded jaw and eyebrows, black Franklin gloves, old belt....

  2. Ha. Had I seen your post sooner, I could have saved myself some time.