Thursday, September 8, 2016

Nigel Wilson tore his what?

At a local thrift store I found this sheet of cards that was angrily torn from the magazine that once held it safe.

They were created in the style of the 1973 Topps Football.  You know.  The "Participation Ribbon" set.  Everyone gets one.

Best I can figure out this is part of an early 1990s SCD Sports Card Pocket Price Guide set, maybe 1993.

Is it worth keeping?  Probably not.  It it worth throwing away?  Probably not, either.

Bonus points.  Nigel Wilson (card # 25) played in Knoxville.  Based on the info that is on the back of his card, "Last year" was 1992.    That would make this issue from 1993.

Yeah, I'm too lazy to go back and correct the year and set info above the cards.


  1. No no no - the correct question is "Nigel Wilson tore his (blank)". Let's see if you can match Brett Somers.

    1. I look forward to Charles Nelson Reilly's witty quip!

  2. 1993 was the year of Nigel Wilson, so I would've guessed that even if you didn't mention a year. ... And you just gave me a post idea.

  3. That card sheet would be from the April 1993 SCD Sports Card Price Guide Magazine.