Saturday, June 21, 2014

1982 Topps Dungeon Master Screen

When I picked the Braves photos (see last post) I also picked up a rare 1982 Topps Dungeon Master Screen. Oh, they'll tell you that it is some sort of sell sheet, a promo given to the dealers to get them and their customers excited about the upcoming card set.

We really know what it is.

Here's the closeup of the ad for Collecting Boxes.

And the back of that "card" is the add for the Card Locker.

I've never seen the Boxes, the Locker or the DM screen before.


  1. That's terrific.

    I don't remember the collecting box at all. I sort of remember the collecting locker as I was always trying to get a similar "locker" for my Matchbox cars when I was a kid.

  2. I love the "DM Screen" -- that thing is awesome. I had a card locker and a collecting case for my Matchbox and Hot Wheels cards as a kid...I think I got them from Santa Claus.

  3. I still have some card lockers that are close to 40years old. Love the checklist.. Never saw the baseball one before. I have a football one from75