Saturday, April 19, 2014


Earlier this week I received a comment on the blog that morphed into an email exchange that turned into a phone call.

Brian, over at Play at the Plate, thought that I might have some info he was looking for.  As it turned out, I did.  But rather than just use email, which we could have, he chose to call me.  How nice that was.

Over the years of blogging I've developed several internet friendships.  Similar places in life.  Same likes.  Same dislikes.  You know what I mean.  Some friendships come and go.  Some stick around a bit.  I think that Brian and I are headed there.  I've respected his blog and his outlook on life.  We've traded a few times.  Now I was able to talk with him.  No, it wasn't deep.  But we communicated in a refreshing way in this time of digital.

So, looking through a box of Expos tonight I found these Play at the Plate cards to give Brian some props.

1993 Score Select
Gary Carter (card # 55)
1993 Upper Deck
Gary Carter (card # 219)
1992 Score
Gilberto Reyes (card # 229)

And you thought I might toss up a music video to support the title.  I just listened to the lyrics of a certain Lionel Richie song after many years.  I like Brian, but I'm not dedicating that song to him.  Maybe this one.

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  1. It was nice talking to you Mark. Hope you had a good Easter holiday with family.