Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Keeping the Wantlists Up To Date

Last week I received an email from Jason S. asking if my wantlists were up to date.

Ummm, sure?  There might some obscure card I don't know about that isn't on there, but I've done a decent job, at least with the Hershiser cards.

Jason said that he had a 1997 Score Reserve Collection Hershiser that was on my list and that he'd like to mail me the card.  He did just that.  It arrived on Monday.

1997 Score Reserve Collection
Orel Hershiser (card # HR378)
The scan doesn't really show how silvery it is.  Good looking card.  Yeah, I know, he isn't in a Dodger uniform.  More cards for me to collect.  Less cards for Night Owl to collect.

I had to go to the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards to see what sort of insert this was.
This was a hobby-only parallel version of Score Series 2, Cards are similar to regular Series 2 Score except for the use of a textured ray-like silver-foil background on front and a Reserve Collection underprint on back. Cards are numbered with an “HR” prefix. Average insertion rate was one per 11 packs.
I asked Jason if he had a blog and what he collected.  He replied that two babies at home and at the present it wasn't really conducive to blogging about the Red Sox cards he collects.

So, there you go.  Keep your wantlists up to date.  You never know when a kind stranger may read them and have a card for you.  Thanks, Jason.

And yes, I've updated my Hershiser wantlist to reflect the new card.  And I've added it to Zistle.

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  1. That's a beautiful Hershiser card! I've never seen those "Reserve Collection" parallels before.