Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tony Campana signs

Saturday was a baseball filled day.  I led a SABR meeting and then attended a signing by Tony Campana.  Eddie Barkley, from Sports Treasures, put the thing together.  I've posted about Eddie's shop before.

Tony Campana and Eddie Barkley
Tony now plays for the Cubs, but before that he was playing for the Tennessee Smokies.  Technically, before the Cubs he was with the Iowa team.  Well, more technically, the Iowa team is called the Cubs, so he played for the Smokies before he played for the Cubs.  Forget it.

Yours truly and Tony

Tony and I are (very) distant cousins, by marriage.  Speaking of marriage Tony will be tying the knot in December.  Somehow I don't think I'll be asked to be his best man.  Or even an usher.

Tony signing my items

It was a free signing and Eddie had several photos of Tony, cards, balls, bats, Cubs pennants.  You name it, he had it.  Tony was very gracious with his time, posing for lots of pictures.

2012 Topps
Tony Campana (card # 580)

Tony was kind enough to be interviewed about his collecting habits.

All in all, a good baseball day.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT baseball day! Great autographs and I loved the interview!

  2. I stopped by Sports Treasures after you recommended it to me. I picked up a few cards but nothing spectacular. Everything I got was early 2000s inserts. He was really busy but he did take the time to find some of my vintage needs for me but his version of good deal and my version of good deal were not in the same ballpark. Nice shop though.

    1. Adam, I'm glad you go to go to the shop. Eddie generally uses Book Value. I've found him to be fair, but I never like to see anyone behind the counter grab a Beckett Guide for a 1986 common.

    2. One of the cards I wanted was 1971 Toppps #740 Luis Aparicio. It is definatly a high number and so not cheap. He had about 9 copies of the card and I told him I would take the one in the absolute worst shape so that I could get the best deal. He got out his Beckett and high book was $30 so he offered it to me at $25. (now this is for the one in the worst shape) At that point I realized why he had so many High Numbers in the drawers; cause they are priced to high to sell. At some point I'll snipe it off ebay for $1 plus shipping or give a 5 spot for it at a card show.

      I did get some nice Ted Willims short print cards off of him though.