Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New (to me) Bill Wade cards

I dipped my toes in the COMC waters. It was still and warm. So I stepped in. I'm glad I did, because I picked up four more Bill Wade cards.

1961 Topps
Bill Wade (card # 10)

1962 Topps
Billy Wade (card # 13)

1962 Topps Bucks Inserts
Billy Wade (card # 42)

1994 Topps Archives (1957)
Bill Wade (card # 34)

I've updated my Bill Wade wantlist page to reflect these pickups.


  1. Billy Wade pretty much personifies my 'golden age' of football in the early 60s. He just loved throwing scores to Mike Ditka!!

  2. So there was another Vandy QB on the Bears before Jay Cutler. I learned something.