Monday, January 28, 2013

My Del Harris Collection

Like I need another player/coach to collect. Well, I'm doing it anyhow.

Some might ask, "Why Del Harris?" or "Who is Del Harris?"

Del Haris played at Milligan College, one of the schools to which my son has been accepted.  The school from where my wife graduated. 

He has a very limited number of cards.  13 by my count.  And one of those is a Panini Sticker.  In Spanish. I don't know if I need that one. That means I'm already 25% of the way there.  Might even be able to finish this collection by the end of the year. has 8 of the 9 cards I want.  Each for 18 cents.  Yeah, when I add a player, I go big.

And he's got cool hair.

1989 Hoops
Del Harris (card # 126)

1990 Hoops
Del Harris (card # 319)

1989 Hoops
Del Harris (card # 235)

Here's a link to my Del Harris checklist/wantlist page.

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  1. If you can hold off on the SL binge, I might have some at my parents' place for you. I can check for him and McHale next time I'm there.