Friday, January 25, 2013

MLB Action Photos

I remember picking this up in the early 90s. I'd only been married for a few years. No kids on the way. A card show in the area just about every weekend and junk wax was new wax then.

The apartment we were renting was on the backside of a shopping center.  There was a dollar type store near the chain grocery store.  This was about two dollars.  I thought that it was a fair price for an 8" x 10" picture.

1990 Collectors Marketing  Corp.
Orel Hershiser (series 1) 
Yeah, this has a mostly blank back. And, yeah, I need to show it.

For some strange reason, I clipped out the back of the plastic cover. I guess I wanted to remember what it was.  Good thing I did.

I've got three other of these type of cards, but they're from TV Sports Mailbag.  You'll be seeing them later.

In twenty plus years things have changed.  We've moved from that apartment to a townhouse, bought a condo, moved to a different state and bought two houses.  The kids arrived and now we're college shopping for the oldest.  There hasn't been a card show in these parts in years.

Things change over time.  Except the look on Orel's face when he's in the middle of a pitch.

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