Monday, January 7, 2013

Big game tonight, huh?

I'm settled in with my can of caffeine free Coke, left over Christmas candy, and the TV remote to turn the sound up.

1990 Collegiate Collection
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Joe Montana (card # 1)

Being in SEC country, I feel that I have to root for Bama.  Besides, I don't like the way that NBC has tried to force Notre Dame down our throats as "the team that America should love" for the past decade and a half.

1994 Hoby SEC Stars
Alabama Crimson Tide
Kermit Kendrick (card # 28)

Is anyone else going to watch?  And who are you rooting for?

For whom are you rooting, if you're so inclined to that line of questioning.


  1. I am rooting for the game to end quickly. Period.

  2. I hope the Irish win but not enough to make me watch. If it's not Houston or Nebraska I just don't care about college football very much.

    I did attend the 1980 Cotton Bowl when Joe Montana came off the sick list for the Irish and led them to a huge comeback win over my Cougars. Too bad the ND receiver (Kris Haines) was out of bounds on the winning score for the Irish. But I'm not bitter..... much.