Monday, January 14, 2013


So this is my 800th post.  Four years and three days have I been blogging about sports cards.  It is the beginning of the year, a time for reflection and a time to look ahead.  No contest here kids.  Move along.

I'll get to that.  You all visit for the eye candy, not the words.  So here are a few more New (to me) Orel cards.

2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia
Tools of the Trade
Orel Hershiser (card # TT-159)
(#d 42/150)

There are also Black and Red versions of this.  I think that the Black is numbered to 100 and the Red is numbered to 250.  And all sorts of auto and relic variations.  Maybe I'll search them out, maybe not.

2005 Donruss Diamond Kings
Blue Frame
Orel Hershiser (card # 289)
(#d 81/100)

I'm not really sure if the correct subset is "Blue Frame". That's what I'm calling it. I picked it up from COMC because I thought it looked nice.  It has a little frame raised up on the front.  I liked it, so I got it.

That sort of will be the theme for this year.  Not "Ooh, I have a slot to be filled, let me get it" but more of a "I like that, I can afford it, I'll get it" sort of thing.  I'm not going to be hard and fast about it, but this is the year of treating me.

So, let's look back at the past year. 

I posted 150 times.  With this post, it brings my January 2013 total to 12.  That equals or exceeds seven months postings from 2012.  Now, there were a few major things happening in my life last year.  My gall bladder decided it didn't want to play nice and it wanted to come out.  Other medical things that happen when one turns 50.  My mother-in-law passed.  It was a busy year.  These are not excuses, but I wanted to put things in perspective.

Now, last year wasn't filled will all sad or painful events.  There were many things worth celebrating.  I was instrumental in forming the East Tennessee Chapter of SABR.  I got to cover the 2012 Southern League All-Star game.  My son scored his first HS touchdown.  My wife and I celebrated 23 years of marriage.  All things of which to be proud.

So, what does this coming year hold?  Let's ask Brian Cox, GM of the Tennessee Smokies...

Yeah, I picked up a digital recorder last year. I figure that I really should put it to use.

What does this coming year hold for cards in my collection?  Let's see.  I joined Listia and have been slowing getting rid of cards that I have that I don't want.  Amazing what people will buy.  I've been picking  up a few card for my player collections from Listia.  Some Hershisers, McHales, and Burtons.  I don't expect to get any Erskines, Wades, or Wilsons.

I'm going to try to get a clear checklist for Jeff Burton cards and for the Kevin McHale cards.  I've been toying with knocking out the Del Harris cards.  There aren't that many of them and I already have a few.

I'd like to do a bit of trading, but I've found that while I might have something to offer someone, they are often stymied as to what to put on the table.  I think that my approach this year is going to be one of, let's agree to trade, but look at my wantlists, find something there, order it from COMC, SportLots, ebay, whatever next time you're buying some cards.  When it comes in, send it to me. 

I'm not planning on buying new cards in 2013.  My wife likes to pick me up a pack a few times a year.  I'll take those, but I'm not chasing new sets.  I'm not really a set guy.  I'll probably be involved with Gint-A-Cuffs again this year.  I thought that it went rather smoothly last year.  Heck, what's another year.  Now, just to come up with a catch title, find some graphics, ask Topps to assist with the prize, update the rules.  That sounds like a lot of work.  Maybe I should bag it for 2013.

So, basically, get what I want to get, organize what I have, and share what i get.  That's the mantra.  Sounds a lot like 2012.


  1. Happy 800th.

    "The year of treating me" sounds pretty good to me.

    Oh, wait ... that's treating "you," not "me."

  2. Congrats on 800. What does OR-GA-NIZE mean? I don't understand.