Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catching that Olympic Fever

I enjoy watching the Olympics, both the Summer and Winter games.

I like track and field, archery, swimming, boxing, weightlifting, gymnastics.  Well, I guess I like all of it.

I've enjoyed the Olympic trials.  The drama of a dead heat, the beauty of the athletes.  One thing I haven't cared for is NBC's audio mix during the women's gymnastics trials.  I could never clearly hear the commentators.

I found a few (new to me) Olympic cards on ebay and I'd like to share them with you.

They are from the 1910 T218 set "Champion Athletes and Prizefighters" distributed with the Hassan and Mecca tobacco brands. Apparently there were 153 subjects in this set, not all of them Olympians.

Robert Cloughen won the silver medal in the 200 meter race at the 1908 Summer Olympic Games in London.

Frank Riley was also a member of the US team in London in 1908.  He ran in the 1500 meter race but did not do well enough to advance to the finals.

Yes, I snagged the images from ebay auctions.  Cloughen and Riley.

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