Saturday, May 7, 2011

Altman. George Altman.

A while back I featured some cards I got in trade with Sean, from Condition: Poor.  Here are two more of the cards he sent over.

1964 Topps
George Altman (card # 95)

George Altman only played one year with the Mets.  He was traded to them in November of 1964.  Note the airbrushing on his cap?  Nope, I didn't either.  Topps did a fine job with this one.  After a year in New York he returned to his roots in Chicago, picking up with the Cubs, mostly roaming the outfield in a limited manner.

SLANGKo Original
Jim Fregosi (autographed)
Sean, in his obsession with the Mets and Managers, created a card of Jim Fregosi.  He stalked him for weeks until Jim relented and signed it, only with the threat of a restraining order.

Thanks, Sean, for being a great trading partner.

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