Sunday, August 4, 2013

Trouble with the Curve

I dropped by one of my local card shops. Quiet. Almost dead. The owner was on the phone, playing an internet based card game. We said hi and I browsed. Lots of overpriced autos and relics. Lots of miscellaneous. Like the following...

You could probably drive a Mini Cooper under those things.

Yep.  1970 Topps Supers.

Weebles.  These were so warped I couldn't even fit them in the scanner.

Apparently the Claude Osteen cards is a short print.  And he's got some extra eye black.

1970 Topps Supers
Claude Osteen (card # 1)

1970 Topps Supers
Willie Stargell  (card # 19)

From the glue stains and lack of stats on the back my guess is that these were pasted into an album of some sort.

1970 Topps Supers
Rusty Staub  (card # 41)

The shop owner also had some 1998 Donruss Preferred Tins.

I didn't know that they existed.  Or that they were numbered and one could collect them.  Man, the things I learned yesterday.

The whole lot set me back a whopping $6.  Big spender is me.


  1. If you or anyone else wants Preferred tins, I have a whole mess of 'em. Let me know.

    1. Thanks. I'm good. I picked the tins up for a Dodgers blogger.

  2. I am pretty sure those cards can be used to run a pinewood derby...