Monday, February 11, 2013

You think you're cold?

I've been eyeing this card at the local antique/collectibles mall for the last few months.   They had it priced at $5.50. You can see that it is in pretty rough shape.   I thought that it was priced a bit high so I asked what they could do.  It was offered to me for $4.00.   I could get a cleaner copy of it on ebay for that.  But the instant gratification bug was in my brain. I could have it now. So I purchased it.

1910 Hassan T30
The Jeannette 

You can read about The Jeannette on the back of this tobacco card.  If you want to learn the rest of the story, visit the Navy Department Library page.

Ted says, "Cold enough for you?"


  1. I love that set too. Here's my stash,

  2. I can't decide whether to joke about the Blues Brothers, or the Blue Man Group.

  3. Nice find. Love cardboard history lessons.