Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Repost - Cabinet Size Phototypes of Base Ball Players.

I originally posted this October 12, 2011. Since then it has had 4,749 views. 155 this week. There's nothing in the post to draw those numbers. I think that the spam type sites are pushing traffic this way. I'm always grateful for traffic, but I think that it is traffic that doesn't necessarily want to be here.  So, I'm removing the old post and reposting it.  I've even included the one comment that the original post got.  Maybe that will level things out a bit.

I was poking around the site last evening looking for some info on the Tri-Copper League of Arizona.  I stumbled across this advertisement for what we now know as the W600 series of cards.

Sporting Life - November 23, 1907

Interesting to note that in the above ad, Ty Cobb is listed as Tyrus W. Cobb.  His middle name was Raymond.

W600 Sporting Life Cabinet
Tyrus R. Cobb
Cobb card image lifted from Goodwin & Co.

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