Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New (to me) Baseball Books

On Saturday I took my daughter Caroline on a Daddy Date Day. We went to the Beck Cultural Exchange Center where I was able to get a nice photo of 'Steel Arm' Dickey. I've already passed the image over to Gary Ashwill at agate type.

'Steel Arm' Dickey

Then we went to Central Street Books, a nice used bookstore in Knoxville. They are closing and the proprietor has slashed prices. Unfortunately the baseball books are gone.

A quick bite to eat at Burger King, Caroline's favorite fast food joint, and then to another used bookstore in town, McKay Used Books.  Success.  I was able to snag both of these fine specimens for just $1.50 each.

Voices From Cooperstown

Banana Bats and Ding-Dong Balls

Caroline surveying thousands of books.

Contents of the bag?  One chocolate iced glazed donut.

We lazily drove home, winding our way through some of the more upscale parts of Knoxville.  It was a good day.


  1. Awesome! Kids and baseball make for a perfect day! Krispy Kreme's do not hurt either.

  2. Neat day. Cute kid. Whoooo's that on her shirt?

  3. Great finds. Didn't Caroline find anything in that huge place?

    1. Yes, she did. It was a Disney story book. So big I couldn't fit on the scanner. She left a happy girl.

  4. Baseball inventions sounds like a great topic for a book.