Friday, October 19, 2012

Night Owl Tapped Out

A few weeks back Greg, the Night Owl, sent me a package of cards.  I'm not sure if they were the reward for creating the One-Card Callenge logo, an unspecified "here's some cards from the goodness of my heart because you sent me cards from the goodness of your heart" guilt trip or he's just being nice.  I'm never one to turn down some Hershiser cards that I don't have.  But it looks like my source from New York has dried up.
I am now officially tapped out in having any Hershisers you don't have.
Enjoy -- Greg
Let's see what Hershiser goodness he sent...

There are quite a few variations on this set.  Donruss pushed out the Legends of Summer Century Edition, numbered to 100.  And the Legends of Summer Decade Edition, numbered to 10.  And the autographs and relics.  I really don't know what all they did.  I know that I finally got this one.

2003 Donruss Signature - Legends of Summer
Orel Hershiser (card # LS-33) - #/250

Another numbered card from the Donruss family.  This time to 1,988.  What a strange number.  Not if you remove the comma.  1988.  The season of Orel.  Nice way to reuse the photo, too.

2004 Playoff Honors Awards
Orel Hershiser (card # A-21) - #/1988

Some would say that the next card isn't an Orel Hershiser baseball card at all, but a Dennis Martinez baseball card.  I'd say that some were crazy.  It is going in my Orel binder.  Sure, it will be at the end of the 1997 section, but it will be in there.  I think that I have a card of Tommy Lasorda jogging with Orel and the part of the team.  Strange to see Lasorda jogging.  Maybe there's a plate of pasta on the other side of the field.  Now, that was just mean.  It probably was covered in meat sauce, as well.  It is in my Orel binder.

Interesting uniform differences.  Orel's wearing a turtleneck with the logo, similar to what Howard Wolowitz wears on The Big Bang Theory.  Maybe the other guys have the logo but are wearing their shirts backwards.  It could happen.
1997 Collector's Choice
Dennis Martinez (card # 91)

Greg sent some other cards.  I plan to show them in another post.


  1. Wow, my handwriting is much neater than I thought it was!

    My goal is to find some other Hershisers that you don't have -- which I guess also will be Hershisers that I don't have now.

  2. Love the Hershiser cameo on the "El Presidente" card, I've got to pick up a copy one of these days.

  3. I normally despise horizontal cards (unless the entire set is horizontal), but that Martinez card is my favorite card in the 97 CC set. Man those Indians had some amazing teams from 1994-1998.