Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm getting fat on it, too.

The Commercial Appeal: Memphis - July 21, 1904

This is the time for reflection.  Or bed.  I'm going to choose bed, but before I do I thought I'd take a quick look back on what 2011 held for me with regards to sports cards.
  • I made major headway on organizing my cards.
  • I obtained more card that I really wanted.
  • I started to read a few more card blogs.
  • I strengthened friendships with some bloggers.
  • I found that it is okay not to blog every day.
  • I finished a few books on baseball.
Oh, I'm sure that there's other stuff to be said.  Focus, refocus, trade, that sort of stuff.

And what do my readers have to look forward to this next year?

  • Santa brought me a rack pack that I'll show a few cards from later. 
  • I went on a mini getaway with my bride of 22 years and I visited a card shop.  Pictures and scans to come.
  • I spent the bulk of the time on the getaway with my nose in microfilm, researching the 1904 Tennessee-Alabama League.  Maybe a new blog?
  • More book reviews.
I really don't know.  This last year my blogging output was abysmal.  About half of the posts from my first year in blogging.  And you might have noticed that the quality slipped a bit.  Well, that's a good thing.  If the product fails, then you don't want to see it as often.  Yes, I'm being critical of myself.  My blog, I can do that.

2012 will be interesting.  I make no promises so as not to break them.

Well, some.  There will be cards.  And more cards.

Good night, all.  Happy New Year.

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