Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Press Pass Optima

Another dollar pack from Marty's in Chattanooga.

I like the colors and I kind of like the front design.  Lots of stuff without looking too crowded.  These cards were issued the same year that Dale Earnhardt Sr. died at Daytona.

2011 Press Pass Optima
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (card # 5)

It is kind of hard to tell the players without a score card.  For those very casual fans, it is almost too difficult to know who drives for who.  Whom?  Drivers change teams faster than Kardashians change husbands.  They go up and down between classes of the sport.  The classes of the sport change names faster than Sinead O'Connor changes husbands.  It seems that there's a new main sponsor every race.  With new featured sponsors comes new featured paint schemes.  Great for the die cast car industry.

2011 Press Pass Optima
Bobby Labonte (card # 11)

When Jeff Green was sporting the Nesquik firesuit, he was driving in the Busch Series.  No, wait.  It was the Busch Grand National Series.  It didn't become the Busch Series until 2004.  Four years later it became the Nationwide Series.

2011 Press Pass Optima
Jeff Green (card # 28)

I haven't figured out Press Pass's subsets.  I can't find a checklist on their site from this long ago.  Whenever I  see Mark driving the Viagra car I think of these photos (yes, they're family friendly).

2011 Press Pass Optima
Mark Martin (card # G14)

This G-Force insert doesn't do a whole lot for me.  I like Kyle Petty and all, but ...
2011 Press Pass Optima
Kyle Petty (card #GF 18)

Overall, I'm pleased with the pack.  Wish that there was a Jeff Burton or two in there, but I'll live.

No race-used lugnut cards, either.  Bummer.

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  1. I recognize three of the five names. That's not too bad. I could hear the rimshot during the paragraph under Earnhardt. :)