Friday, May 21, 2010

More Authenticated Ink

Last year I wrote about some Auth/Ink cards. --David was seeking more information about them. I didn't find much, but today I found a new mess of them on ebay.

I snagged some of the images from this seller's auctions.

If you've been following the NHL's playoffs, you know the name Tim Horton. Hockey player who started a coffee and donut shop in 1964. Now there are over 3,500 Tim Hortons in the U.S. and Canada.

This upcoming weekend is the NASCAR Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Richard Petty, along with Junior Johnson and Dale Earnhardt, Bill France, Sr., and Bill France, Jr., will be a member of the first class.

Director extraordinaire. My favorite film of his is The 39 Steps. A detailed review and analysis can be found here. You can watch it online here.

Mr. Cobb, how we knew you. I've been doing some research on Mr. Cobb. Many people, myself included, only thought of him as a mean tempered, spikes-a-flyin', embittered, but very good ball player.

I ran across some of his letters on the web, but I've misplaced them. After investing in Coca-Cola, his returns were nothing to be scoffed at. He put the money to good use, assisting in building a hospital in Royston, Georgia and starting the Ty Cobb Educational Foundation, which has presented over $12,725,000 in scholarships.

Why am I interested in Ty Cobb? Well, I'm researching the 1904 Tennessee Alabama League. A young Cobb played for the Anniston team in Alabama. Most of the information then says that he returned to Augusta to play with them.

I found a newspaper reference that he stated that he was now (July 1904) playing for the Sheffield team. I then found the box scores that prove he did play for Sheffield. I thought that I was breaking new ground, until further research has brought me in touch with a newspaperman who did similar research in the 1960s. Apparently a few of us know about it, but it hasn't been widely reported or documented.

I'm still gathering information and corresponding with other researchers (Go SABR) and don't quite know the best way to document and present 'my' find. The Mad Guru (Rain of Error) has been very generous with his advice. Thanks.

So, I don't know much more about the creative force behind the Auth/Ink cards, but I've found a few more that I like.

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