Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching some ZZzzz's

So, I'm a bit late to this party. Other bloggers have already posted on it. The sports media has beat it to death. I thought of creating a Sominex or Mattress King card, but I soon realized that it might be a nice idea, but I don't have the time right now to do it.

I've seen Ken Griffey, Jr. play twice in person. First in Chicago, on the south side. Then in Cincy as a member of the Reds. Him, not me.

I guess that it just isn't Jr. that likes to visit the land of Nod...

Even die hard fans need to do it at some point.

Maybe this is what Jr. really wants. A slumber party at his future residence.

Mariners' new ball cap?

Perhaps Jr. could talk to Mariano Rivera and see if he could borrow his entrance song...

Or he could just use The Chordette's 1954 song, Mr. Sandman...

Or maybe he could just try going to bed earlier at night. It works for me.

Photo Credits:
Ken Griffey, Jr.

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