Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tales of the Turkish Trophies

John Thorn, official historian of Major League Baseball, used the following image as his profile picture on facebook.

It is a photo of the Giants and the Cubs from 1912 at Washington Park in Brooklyn.  There were many comments, speculating who was pitching, wondering what the building was beyond right field, and few about the advertising signs.

I found a series of ads for Turkish Trophies cigarettes in The Washington Herald in the summer of 1912.

Now, you might be asking yourself, aside from the ad on the outfield wall, what does this have to do with baseball?  Well, Tale 15 features a pitcher.  And the newspaper ads show that the consumer could collect and redeem gift-slips or coupons to get a Hamilton King Girls Leather or Satin.

Jefferson Burdick cataloged the Leathers as L5 and the Satins as S58 in his American Card Catalog

image lifted from theforum.com

image lifted from Legendary Auctions

A few of the ads might be considered politically incorrect in today's climate, but I present them as artifacts of 100 years ago.

As usual, Mark's Ephemera does not endorse the use of tobacco products.


  1. #15 touched on baseball. I think that's close enough to another justification for showing these.

    Thanks - a blast from the past.

  2. Those are wild. Good work digging them up.

  3. Hilarious stories! Thanks for featuring them.