Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Visit to the Hall of Fame

Today was induction day at the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville.  There are six new members.
The Hall of Fame had an open house for the day.  Free admission.  Free inductee signings.  Caroline and I went downtown to enjoy the activities.

Linn Dunn and Caroline

Caroline and Michelle Edwards

Yolanda Evette Griffith, Caroline, Mimi Griffin

Jasmina Perazic and Caroline

Caroline and Charlotte West

The local newspaper provided a nice two sided poster for signing.  A bit oversized.  17" x 11".

The back side was reserved for the 1976 US Olympic Team.  The five that signed our posters are also members of the HoF.  I was fortunate to see the 1976 Team, actually all the US athletes, before they went to compete in Montreal.  The staging area was at SUNY Plattsburgh.  My neighbor at the time was a VP at the school.  I went to the Field House and saw President Ford speak.

After the signing we went through the Hall.  There are some great exhibits.  Jerseys, photos, trophies, interactive stations, that sort of thing.

Caroline is in the huddle, giving advice to the players.

The bronze Eastman Statue is 17 feet tall.  Hard to capture in just a photo.

As we were leaving we passed another Hall of Famer who was there to sign her new book.  We didn't get a signature but did get a photo.

Robin Roberts and Caroline

Caroline had fun.  I had fun.  Another successful day.  I'd like to thank the women that I met today.  They were all very personable and super pleasant.  Congrats to the inductees.


  1. I love your posts like this. Your daughter always looks like she's having a great time! I don't have any kids yet, but I hope I get to share things like this with them when I do.

  2. Very cool! Glad you ran into Robin Roberts!

  3. Great post. Looks like your daughter had a fun day