Monday, April 14, 2014

The rest of last week

Let's see.  When I last blogged I was on my way to a mountain cabin with my lovely bride for a few days of getaway.  That was the beginning of a full week.  I won't bore you with all the details, but I was able to sort some cards.

I had a big box of Hershiser duplicates that needed sorting.  My goal is to do some trading on Zistle, but you can't trade if you don't know what you have.  The sorting was good because I found some cards I hadn't yet entered in Zistle and hadn't yet put in my binders.  I was able to correct a few quantities and it was just nice looking at my collection.

I wasn't only sorting my Orels.  I knocked out my Kevin McHale collection, small as it is.  I started on my Jeff Burton collection but soon became dismayed because I have absolutely no idea what some of the cards are.  I look at one and see there is bronze foil stamped on it.  Another is silver.  A third is gold.  The Beckett guide says that they are the Main Set, Premium, and Emerald.  What?  I set them aside for a bit.

The trip home lead us to Cades Cove, part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

It was back to work on Wednesday, but I took a long lunch and headed downtown to see Adam Alfrey talk at the East Tennessee Historical Society about baseball in Knoxville in 1867.  He's done some great research and has some interesting ideas on the make up of the two teams in town then.

The next night turned into music, talk, and laughter at the studio of WDVX.

Host Brad Reeves and fellow SABR member Brad Ridenour
In a previous post I had asked which songs should I bring to play on the East Tennessee Quiver show.

Here's what ended up on the CD that I brought:

You can listen to a stream of the show for another week and a half or so. Go to the WDVX Audio Archive page and find Thursday, April 10. Click on the 10pm East Tennessee Quiver for the first hour and the 11pm Overnight Americana Mix for the second hour.  Not all of what I brought along made it to the air.

Listen to the show, for no other reason than to hear the 1986 rap song "Get METSmerized" by members of the NY Mets.

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  1. I should have said something before, but I love the Uecker clip. I grew up listening to him call games on the radio in Milwaukee -- and I feel luckier for that with every passing day and every other announcer I hear.