Saturday, April 26, 2014

Check that one off

What? Posting baseball cards in April? What? I've been doing things instead of looking at cardboard.

I picked this one up from Listia for 499 credits.

1969 Topps
2nd Series Checklist (card # 107)

You can see that Willie Mays seems to have been rubbed raw on the back of the card.  It wasn't Willie, but Bob Gibson's eyes on the front.  Take another glance.  He looks like he's a child of the darned or something.

I find it interesting that the 3rd Series Checklist is listed on the 2nd Series Checklist card.

Family is in town, birthday parties to attend, research to do will leave little blogging for the rest of this month.  I'll be back eventually.


  1. Mark, back in the day (prior to 1974) when Topps released their cards in 7 separate series, each checklist (except #1 of course) was released as part of the previous series. (I guess that was so kids had the checklist already in hand when they started to buy the next series' cards.)

    The checklists were also re-released in the next series (with the cards that they listed), so buyers coming on board mid-season could still get a checklist for their cards.

  2. I like the old checklists that featured a player

    1. I think that may have only occurred from 1967-69. They featured whatever player had the '00' card on that checklist.

    2. I never realized how they picked the player to feature on the front. Thanx for the info.

      There's one (1968 I think) that features Tony Oliva, but always seems to be listed as Rod Carew on eBay or Listia.