Saturday, April 12, 2014

And we're back

So I've been away from blogging here for a week. What on earth did I do with all my free time? I'll show you, in chunks.

Caroline and I went to the Blount County Historical Society where they were hosting a baseball exhibit.  This is a uniform from the 1953 Maryville - Alcoa Twins.  I'll be attending a round table discussion on that team on Monday night.

1953 Maryville - Alcoa Twins uniform

Along with cards, uniforms and photos the exhibit was attended by Tyler "Little Skeet" Wells, a ballist for the Knoxville Holstons.  Caroline and I will be attending their season (and home) opener this afternoon.

"Little Skeet"

They were giving away a grab bag of baseball cards.  Caroline's was full of early 90s Upper Deck.  Mine was stuffed with 1991 Kahn's Cincinnati Reds cards.  Want to see the whole set?  Head on over to the Reds Card Collector's post about them from last month.

1991 Kahn's Cincinnati Reds

On Sunday we drove over to Crossville to drop Caroline at Camp Koinonia, a camp for children with special needs sponsored by the University of Tennessee.  This was a week long camp.  The longest Caroline has ever been away from home.

Caroline and Counselor Savannah
On the way back Angie and I stopped at a NASCAR shop.  But that's a post for itself.  We rented a cabin in Wears Valley and spent a few nights.  She quilted and I sorted cards.  What a wonderful wife I have.

There's more baseball related stuff that happened this week but I thought I'd not cram it in just one post.


  1. I love going to Histircal Society's in small towns. I belong to the society in my town. Have a lot of fun archiving old paperwork. A lot of the historical sports from my town has become my resposability.