Friday, March 28, 2014

Trade with George V.

I recently completed a trade with George V., of the Old Baseball Cards club.  I sent him some Topps hockey cards that were on his want list.  In return he shared some 1971 Topps, a few football cards and a small number of Hershisers.

Let's take a look at some of them.

Ron Klimkowski had a short career with the Yankees and the A's.  This is his first US Topps card.  He was featured a few year prior in the 1967 Venezuelan Topps set.  On that card it says that Ron exhibits "una buena slider."  It also lists his date of birth as 9-3-44 where his 1971 card shows a date of 3-1-44.  What's eight days between friends?
1971 Topps
Ron Klimkowski (card # 28)

Luis Tiant's 1970 Topps card also shows him with the Twins although for the 1971 season he was pitching for the Red Sox but not well.  He went 1-7 that year.  Love the miscut on the right hand side of the card.
1971 Topps
Luis Tiant (card # 95)

By sending the football cards George may have unleashed a new interest.  "I do not need another collecting goal.  I do not need another collecting goal.  I do not need another collecting goal."  That being said I might have a new collecting goal.  I might try to put together a Topps Type Collection - football edition.

I wasn't aware that Bert Rechichar played for the University of Tennessee.  I was even aware of Bert Rechichar.  I like the "portrait you'd put on your piano" design, especially how Bert's holding his helmet.
1954 Topps
Bert Rechichar (card # 74)

Similar statements for Harry Schuh.  Besides the buzz cut I like the non-grimacing Raider face.  Not quite happy, but not mean.  And another Tennessee tie-in with Schuh.

1966 Topps
Harry Schuh (card # 117)

Thanks, George, for your generosity.  I'm getting closer to filling out the application for the OBC.

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