Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First full baseball game of the season

A few weeks back I watched a few innings of a Johnson University game.  This last Saturday I watched a double header.  South Doyle vs. Seymour.  Junior Varsity.

The games were just five innings each.  Yes, those are the Smoky Mountains in the background.  Thanks for noticing.  A beautiful day to watch baseball.  Sunny, but not bright.  Cool, but not cold.

Lots of protective netting made it difficult to get a good action shot.

Seymour dropped the first game 2-0.  Between games I asked a Seymour player if I could get a photo of his uniform.  I don't know the young man but I do know that he's hiding a hamburger behind his back.

They're the Seymour Eagles.  South Doyle took the second game, 9-7.  Lots of scoring.

I know this player.  Brandon Handlos.  He's the son of one of my friends at church.  I wanted to support him in his efforts.  He didn't make the starting lineup but did do some field roaming and got to bat in the second game.  0-1.

Brandon plays for the South Doyle Cherokees.  Interesting jersey.  I don't know who needs red digital camouflage.

Two other families came by to watch a few innings.  It was a nice afternoon spent with friends.

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