Saturday, March 1, 2014

Auction time in Tennessee

There's an auction house down the road about 10 miles. Most every Saturday night they have an auction.  Guns.  Metal signs.  Glassware.  Nick-knacks.  Gee gaws.  This is east Tennessee.  On occasion they have something related to sports.  Cards, jerseys, helmets, bats.  Tonight they're offering up some cards.  If I didn't have a dinner meeting tonight I'd go down there and score some sweet vintage for a low, low price and then consign them to a big auction house.

Lot # 243
Current Bid: $70
A real 1933 Goudey Gehrig at COMC

Lot # 244
Current Bid: $20
Some real T210 cards on ebay

Lot # 245
Current Bid: $40
Some real cards at COMC

Lot # 246
Current Bid: $40
A real card on ebay

Lot # 247
Current Bid: $10
Some real 1935 Goudey 4-in-1 cards at COMC

Lot # 248
Current Bid: $20
A real card on ebay

Lot # 249
Current Bid: $60
You know which card this is
(well, at least this one isn't trimmed)
Now, to be fair, the auction house uses this disclaimer in their listings: NOT ABLE TO CONFIRM AUTHENTICITY.

Don't get taken.  Know your cards, folks.  Do your homework.

And what ever happened to Pro Grading Services?

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  1. If those cards and prices are real I'll have to send some money down to you and you can be my purchasing agent at the next Auction. That Orr rookie is awesome. My father in law has a pas 8 Orr rookie