Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2008 Wheels High Gear Jeff Burton

Raz, over at The Raz Card Blog, was talking about spacing out his NASCAR-themed posts over the next month so as not to chase away both of his readers.  In support of Raz, I'm going to post some Jeff Burton cards.  Night Owl be darned.

I picked these up on Listia a few weeks back.  499 credits brought all four of them to my mailbox.

NASCAR drivers, unlike MLB players, can compete in multiple series.  Jeff Burton was racing in the Nationwide series and in the Sprint Cup series.  What a horrid color.  I should have used this card in a St. Patrick's Day tribute post.
2008 Wheels High Gear
Jeff Burton (card # 31)

You'd think that this card would be part of an insert set, wouldn't you?  But it isn't.  Main set, just a grouping of cards with a similar theme.  Carmeleons.  Get it?  Like chameleons, they change colors.  Well, paint schemes.  Get a program.  Can't tell your drivers without a program.
2008 Wheels High Gear
Jeff Burton (card # 49)

Another insert?  Nope.  They do have insert sets, just not this one.  It takes more than a driver to compete.  Jeff's pit crew hard at work.  I wonder if they ever say, "Would you like fries with that?"
2008 Wheels High Gear
Jeff Burton (card # 69)

Jeff Burton, Person of the Year.  Better than the Pope, the President, some doctor helping out the less fortunate.  I almost want to track down this issue so I can read about the "Anatomy of Martinsville Hot Dog".  Almost.
2008 Wheels High Gear
Jeff Burton (card # 79)

I think that I'm missing at least one of the other base cards and a few of the inserts of Jeff Burton, Person of the Year, for the 2008 Wheels High Gear set.  If I could just take the time to organize my cards.


  1. Burton appears to be one of the nicest guys in the sport. Wish he could grab a fulltime ride in Cup.

    My philosophy on posting NASCAR, futbol, actresses.... "if nobody reads it anyway, why not just write what you enjoy".

  2. I'm glad I could inspire someone else to post something NASCAR-themed. It can be difficult to keep track of all the different sets and subsets in the various racing products. There are cards featuring the drivers, cards featuring their cars, cars featuring the pit crew, the team hauler, and even cards featuring magazine covers that are showing off drivers who are winning awards. And also parallels. I also need to organize my cards. I've begun a half-hearted effort to put some stuff on Zistle, but I haven't got very far at all.