Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1908 Tower Manufacturing Postcards

I was looking through Google books for something or other. I really don't remember. Then I got rabbit trailed, chasing what I wasn't looking for.

It led to this nice discovery. An announcement in The American Stationer about a new post card line for 1908 from the Tower Manufacturing and Novelty Company of New York.

I looked in my copy of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards and found several other post card issues from 1908, but no mention of this set.

Based on the description, I tossed together a very quick mock up of what the cards might have looked like.
As I look at the mock up I see that I forgot the period after the L in the name box.  And I forgot the bases on the path.  Hey, it is a mock up.  A very quick mock up.  Go purchase a Big Noise megaphone and yell at me.

A bit more post creation research shows that the Rose Company also issued these postcards in 1908 and 1909.  Go to VintageBall.com for their main story or the minor league story on the Rose Company Postcards.

My mock up doesn't do them justice.


  1. that's an unusual find. These postcards are commonly known in the hobby as 1908 Rose Co. Post Cards. They are very rare and highly sought after. I'm going to pass along your post to Net54

  2. Mark, these are really neat postcards. You've posted some great stuff recently!

    Interesting read on the Rose Company as well.

  3. Only you could find this stuff ! Great.