Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Tot" Pressnell - 1940 Play Ball

1940 Play Ball
"Tot" Pressnell (card # 146)

I picked this up on ebay through Sirius Sportscards.  I think that it was $3.75.  Listed as Poor.  Probably because of the small splotch on the front and a bit of grease pencil on the back.  I'll take it.  Twice on Sundays.

This card is from the second series.  There were a total of 240 cards in the set, also known as R335 in the American Card Catalog.

Rather than recount the set, I'll point you towards the Cardboard Connection overview or the PSA overview.

Rather than recount his whole life story, I'll point you towards David Fleitz's biography of Pressnell from the SABR BioProject.  If you don't want to go there, here's the short bit of it.  He played for five seasons in the majors, with the Brooklyn Dodgers and then the Chicago Cubs.  He never had a losing season. He was a knuckleballer.

This is another on my list of goals.  Get some pre World War II cards.  It is working.

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