Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tony LaRussa in Knoxville

After a spotty career as a player and before he made it as a manager in the big leagues, he had a stint manager of the Knoxvile Knox Sox, the AA farm team of the Chicago White Sox.

1978 TCMA  Knox Sox
Tony LaRussa
Tony didn't spend the complete season in Knoxville.  By the third week in July he was the first base coach on Chicago's southside.   20 players on that 1978 Knoxville team spent time in the majors.  Here's two of them.

1978 TCMA  Knox Sox
Harold Baines
1978 TCMA  Knox Sox
Tom Spencer

I snagged these images from an ebay auction. I've never seen these actual cards.  From ebay I was able to put together a partial list of the 25 Knox Sox in this set.
  • Harold Baines
  • Rich Barnes
  • Dean Craig
  • Donn Deidholz
  • Rich Dotson
  • Marv Foley
  • Quency Hill
  • Fred Howard
  • Tony LaRussa
  • Rusty Kuntz
  • Mark Naerhring
  • Chris Nyman
  • Andy Pasillas
  • Duane Shaffer
  • Ken Silvestri
  • Tom Spencer
  • Mike Wolf

Okay, this was going to be another thing I wanted to do in 2014.  Catalog and expand my Knoxville minor league team sets.  I've put up a checklist, so that's a start.


  1. Fantastic cards. You gotta get those.

    1. Night Owl, I'd very much like to have them, but I can't find the $100 to drop on them right now. I need to check with the Smokies to see if they have an archive copy of them. Maybe I can get the complete checklist and scan them. They are wonderfully garish.