Monday, January 20, 2014

How am I doing?

Three weeks into the new year and I feel that I need to check on myself.  Here's the list of goals I set out for myself followed by a bit of commentary.
  • I'll blog when I darn well feel like it and when I feel like I have something worthwhile to say.
Yeah, that one's okay.  I'm good.

  • I've started a new football player collection.  Well, is one card a collection?  Maybe not, but it is a start.  Need to create a checklist and prioritize my goals for this player.  Then share him out.
This would be the Jeff Lewis collection.  I'm still on the fence about collecting his cards, but Hiflew made a good point in his comment.  
He was a flawed human being, no doubt, but a small collection of him could serve as a reminder of how fragile we are as human beings.
  • Start and finish cataloging my Jeff Burton cards
No progress on this front.  Well, I did finish up a checklist.   It broke blogger.  I think that the actual spreadsheet just wouldn't fit, so I've linked to the google doc.  My cataloging will pick up about the same time that NASCAR starts racing again.

  • Create a checklist for Kevin McHale cards.  Catalog same.
I've created the checklist.  Now to plug them in.

  • Put my player collections in some sort of order.  Too many stacks of cards, not enough full binder pages.  Specifically Earl Wilson, Kevin McHale, Bill Wade, Jeff Burton, Orel Hershiser.
Fail.  I've added more stacks.

  • As part of cataloging make sure that I'm using Zistle more.
Yep.  I'm slowly adding images that they don't have and adding some team info.  I'm not as big a contributor to them as I once was, but that's okay.  Other young pups have taken the torch and are carrying it.

  • Add more blogs to follow.  Read them.  Comment on them.
I'm reading a few more blogs.  Need to comment.

  • Engage at least two bloggers I've never sent a package to.  Send them a package, trade or goodness.
I'm still seeking them out.

  • Read more books about the hobby.  Operation Bullpen.  Before there was Bubble Gum.  Those types of books.
I did finish reading Before there was Bubble Gum.  A rather easy read, but a good introduction to early baseball cards.  What are some good books about the hobby?  Any suggestions?  I've read

  • Focus on older cards.  Pre WWII.  Pick up a few of them.
Halfway there.  I picked up one.  Future post.

  • Find a local card show.  Attend it.  This will be a tough one.  It looks like a two hour trip to the closest one.  I could get knock off some of my other goals with what I'd spend for gas.
I'm still looking.

I'm happy with where I'm at.  

Some other things that didn't make the list of goals, but I'm pursuing...


  1. In my opinion, this book is the 'grandpappy' of the card blogging community:

    Some of the lines from it resonate with me just as much as when I first read them in 1977!

  2. Looks like you're off to a great start. Operation Bullpen looks interesting... I'll have to order it.