Friday, January 24, 2014

Ask and they will send

A few posts ago I talked about completing my Topps Type Collection.  Prior to that I was pleading for the cards I needed.  I let my fingers do the walking and I purchased the bulk of my wants from COMC.  I should have waited.  Faithful blogger, reader, and internet friend Greg, from Night Owl Cards, sent me some to plug the holes.

Here's a look-see.

Ronnie Kline.  I already have a Ronnie Kline.  A 1953.  If I subbed this one in for Bobby Shantz, then I'd have two Klines and two Pirates on the same page.  Cool thing about this card?  That's not his signature.  It is an uncorrected error.  J. Robert Kline played one season for Washington.  Good quality control, Topps.

1956 Topps
Ronnie Kline (card # 94)

Tom Morgan.  So, would that be Captain Morgan or Major Tom?  If he subbed in the TTC he'd displace Hal Jeffcoat.  Two Athletics on the same page.  Unless Bobby Shantz goes.  J. Robert Ronnie Kline is looking pretty good right about now.

1957 Topps
Tom Morgan (card # 239)

Greg sacrificed one of his beloved Dodgers on pink for my collection.  Tex Clevenger would have to step aside for Larry.  If you stare long enough at his name on the card the letters start to move.
1960 Topps
Larry Sherry (card # 105)

Bobby Munoz would replace Steve Avery.  The card in the 1995 slot is a Yankee.  Can't have too many of them clumped together.  I think that Steve is safe.
1994 Topps
Bobby Munoz (card # 144)

Steve Sparks or Dennis Eckersley?  See ya, Steve.
1996 Topps
Steve Sparks (card # 279)

I forgot about Matt Williams.  Solid player.  Should he replace Sammy Sosa?  I don't have any other Cubs in the TTC.  But I also don't have any Diamondbacks.  I reasoned before why I wanted Sammy, but Matt's looking good here.
2000 Topps
Matt Williams (card # 5)
I do have a clump of Royals in the 80s, so maybe I can put a Cubbie in there.

Thanks for the cards, Greg.  Thanks for making my head hurt.


  1. You and your arbitrary rules!

    What are you an obsessive card collector or something?

    (Cool fact about Kline, I never knew).

    1. Yes, I think so. You've influenced me.